Sound Bite: Brad Mehldau Trio


The Brad Mehldau Trio stands out with its subtleties and intricacies.
The bassist lays warm grooves and chops things up in subtle ways
you'll catch when you pay real close attention.
The drummer has a keen sense of fills and accents, layering in over
Brad's soulful piano, and making every phrase that more unique.


Brad's piano is refreshing in the crowded and some times all too
familiar sounding world of Jazz. Each song is a groove that truly has its own feel with solos that blend in subtly.


What I like about this trio is that the musicianship
isn't extravagant. It seems like they've made an active effort not
to overcrowd songs with unnecessary notes... they each create their own dimension and give space between the notes for the music to be felt.


A few of my personal favorites:

"Aquelas Coisas Todas" (with the Latin vibes)

"Twiggy" (...the groove and the subtleties)

"Everything in its right place" (a damn good Radiohead cover)

"Days of Dilbert Delaney" (for the accents and subtleties)

"Hey Joe" (You can almost hear Hendrix' vocals, lamenting Joe's decision)


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